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Afraid of Recovery | Moving Past Cancer (or the "Current Situation")

There are similarities and differences between this collective season of our lives (with the worldwide current events) and other things that may have happened to us (cancer, loss, physical challenges). The thought I keep coming back to again and again is this: don't be afraid of recovery.

We are surrounded by people who might be "newbies" at dealing with major life changes. And we may also begin clinging to the new identity that losses and challenges present to us (such as being the girl with tongue cancer, or being the guy who lost his job when the whole world changed). We may even be tempted to stay "that person" as long as possible when we see that others are less sympathetic if we become too independent or too strong.

The message here is this: we must evolve and move on past being these earthly things. Who we are is SO MUCH BIGGER than a "cancer survivor" or any other temporary identity. And we must continue to write our cancer recovery story (or any recovery story) so that others who are newly affected can see that they can recover, too.

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