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Why Does Elly Brown Make Dumb Facebook Videos? | YouTube vs Facebook, REVEALED!

People have been asking "Why does Elly make those dumb Facebook videos?" Someone even said, "I used to watch Elly for inspiration...but now it's just one dumb video after another!" In this video, I'm going to explain my top content creation strategy for optimizing BOTH Facebook and YouTube in 2020, and reveal exactly WHY I make those "dumb" Facebook videos, and why I'm moving my informational and inspirational content over to YouTube.

So, if you're a content creator trying to spread your message across multiple platforms and you wonder how to optimize content for Facebook, or how to optimize content for YouTube....OR, if you follow my content and you've simply wondered, "Why is her Facebook show page full of drama?" and "Why has she moved her videos about 'life after loss' over to YouTube?" are going to love this video!

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