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Feeding Tubes, PEG Tubes and "G" Tubes | Your Questions Answered

When we get a feeding tube, there are lots of questions we have later on in our journey--like, what else can I put into my feeding tube? And how do I get off a feeding tube fast? How can I start to get away from corn-syrup laden options like Jevity and Ensure boxes? Keep on reading.

I had a gastric feeding tube after my hemi-glossectomy, and you will find this information valuable whether you are getting a gastric feeding tube or a nasal feeding tube. If you want to speed your healing after oral surgery and become a feeding tube pro, this video is for you!

Do you have a feeding tube, and if so, what kind? Tell us about your journey in the comments! Lots of people are curious about how to blend real food for PEG tubes. (The links below are NOT affiliate links).

Mouth Press for correcting Trismus (ask your doctor about going through insurance for a better price):

Real Food Blends website:

Real Food Blends on Amazon at:

Nutribullet Blender:

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