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Elly Brown Singing Before Cancer | Vocal, Hosting, & Performance Reels

It turns out that "Elly Brown Singing Before Cancer" is one of the most searched phrases regarding my content. So I decided to dedicate an entire video to clips of my work that have appeared in my old performance reels as a singer, on-camera host, voiceover artist and actor. All of this content is from around 2010-2015, and all is used with permission. If you are interested in my most recent work (before my major surgery) check out these two links to my a cappella group and to two film projects. I hope you enjoy them!

Always remember that my journey through cancer has enriched my life beyond measure. I don't post these to make anyone feel badly, or to reflect on what has been lost. If anything, I hope sharing these inspires you to love your life exactly the way it is right now--just as I do. Seasons come and go, but love is everlasting.

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