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The Search For Roxie UPDATE! | Chicago The Musical Passed on Me?!?! 😳

Hey Friends! A couple of weeks ago, I uploaded a video audition for Chicago The Musical: #TheSearchForRoxie contest. My video was BY FAR the most widely viewed and widely shared audition tape on Facebook. 1.8 million views, and over 3000 shares! Ultimately, though, they did not choose me as a finalist. 😳

In this video, we will talk a little bit about how to deal with rejection--and remember that there are TONS of reasons why people don't get chosen for things. From behind-the-scenes politics, legal requirements, aesthetics and other crazy things you may never have thought of--contests/jobs/roles are rarely (if ever) about talent. Don't take things personally. We just need to be as prepared as possible, bringing as many skillsets as we can provide. Then, when the right opportunity does come along, we'll be ready!

Chicago the Musical might not be the right fit--but guess what? My video got in front of the only people who really matter: cancer survivors, people with physical challenges, and those who have suffered a loss. That looks like a pretty big success, from where I'm sitting. :) Thank you everyone, for sharing, commenting and watching that video! YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE! And for that, I'm eternally grateful!

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