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Questions and Answers | Diagnosis and Surgery to Life After Loss 🥰

Welcome to my first question and answer video! I pulled the questions from handwritten letters I received from the 6th grade students Odessey Institute, where I recently gave my youth program. I filmed this before I traveled to Arizona to speak to them in person, so I just want to give them another big shoutout for bringing me out--especially to the Donors Choose organization and the kids' visionary teacher, Shelly Kostic. We all had an unforgettable experience!

Do you have questions for my next Q& A? Write them in the comments! In this video we cover how the cancer happened, details about how we got through the tough times, and what it's been like being different (and possibly getting made fun of). Thanks again to the amazing students and to Shelly Kostic for making this video possible with your kind letters!

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