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Elly Brown, Oral Cancer Survivor Audition | CHICAGO THE MUSICAL #TheSearchForRoxie (1M Facebook View

MY VIDEO GOT A MILLION VIEWS ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE @RealEllyBrown! Thank you to everyone who is watching, sharing, and helping to keep people interested and inspired to see performances. This is a huge boost for my oral cancer community!

Legal stuff first, but scroll down to keep reading! (The music in this video is used with permission, granted by Chicago the Musical for a social media contest in which applicants are encouraged to post audition clips. Any copyright claims must be made directly to the producers of Chicago the Musical. Information about this contest can be found at ).

When I lost half of my tongue to oral cancer in 2018, I never dreamed I could get well enough to make this audition video singing! This is my submission for Chicago the Musical, but I didn't make this video only to audition. I made it to inspire cancer survivors to stay focused on their dreams! With your help, I'm going to prove to you that our obstacles can become our victories. Cancer, scars, and disabilities are no match for our joy. Please share this video on your social media channels with the hashtag #TheSearchForRoxie

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