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Choosing Cancer Treatment | Should I Skip Chemo and Radiation? (Warning!)

Choosing cancer treatment isn't something to be taken lightly. Yet sifting through all of the information after a diagnosis can be overwhelming, especially with people coming out of the woodwork telling you what to do and how to manage.

All of a sudden, people will throw potions, oils, cannabis, books about diet, and class passes to yoga right in your lap--and some of them might even try to discourage you from having traditional treatment. You might be wondering, "should I skip chemo and radiation?" You are totally right to be nervous. Treatment is no fun for anyone, but treatment is effective.

My treatment for oral cancer (head and neck cancer) included surgery, chemo, and radiation. There are alternative treatments and you might be considering holistic medicine. For that reason, this video warning could be the most important message you ever share with someone considering treatment.

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