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Cancer Revealed My True Beauty, by Elly Brown
          Choices Magazine, Autumn 2019
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In this episode of Women of Contribution - Inspiring Conversations, Elly joins Kezia Luckett, creator of the Pay It Forward Series. They talk about inspiring people around the world as she shares her journey of oral cancer and why it has been a true gift. 

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Crossing all the way over to Nevada from Johannesburg, click here for an unbelievable interview with Niki Seberini for The DL Link show on 101.9 Chai FM.

This extraordinary Las Vegas model, actor and singer shares her remarkable journey and how being forced to rebuild her mouth and tongue from her leg as a result of oral cancer, has in turn given her, "An even better life than ever before!"

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A lovely conversation with Hammond Chamberlain on his podcast, Beyond The Playlist! Elly and Hammond talk about her role on Rise of the Catwoman that won the Maverick Award for Best Actress in a Web Series (right before her life-changing surgery), and continuing work after oral cancer as an advocate. 

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