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Elly Brown lived a full life as a freelance performer (acting, hosting, singing and modeling) until oral cancer appeared--and drastically altered the course of her career. After having much of her tongue and jaw rebuilt out of bone and tissue from her leg, Elly began the slow process of recovery, chronicling much of her thoughts and feelings on social media. 

Elly was shocked to discover that people connected to the content she created AFTER her cancer treatment even deeply than before. Despite her speech impediment--and the scars on her leg, neck and face--one of her Facebook videos went viral just a few months after her treatment. Then another video went viral, and then another. 

In the two years following her life-changing transformation, she continued making content online. Elly wanted to show her community that even someone with visible physical challenges could make a living as an on-camera personality. Soon after, Elly helped her fiance Rick Lax form Network Media--and with the help of their hundreds of multi-talented performer friends, they began taking the Internet by storm with skits, dramas, hacks, DIY, cooking, and comedy videos.

Now, Elly is the Vice President of Production at Network Media, and she still produces and creates her own content. A lover of fashion, travel, entertainment, and social media, she has built a community who live life to the fullest even as they experience some of life's greatest challenges. Her message of hope continues to inspire others to follow their dreams, despite scars, speech issues, and physical challenges. 

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